MAS Welcomes Election Date, Right Unhappy

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The Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) has welcomed the announcement, by Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal, which recommends September 6th as the new date for the general elections that were supposed to be held on May 3rd. Once ratified by the legislature, it will become official. The date is the result of a political agreement between the different electoral fronts. However, pro-coup parties have made clear that they’re not happy with the date and want to delay even further. 



Though the Jeanine Añez’s ‘Juntos’ party signed up to the Tribunal’s agreement, they’ve made their dissatisfaction known unofficially. The regime’s Interior Minister Arturo Murillo, one of the most senior figures of the electoral alliance, retweeted right-wing journalist, Humberto Vacaflor, who angrily declared after the announcement: 


• The first consultation was with the fugitive coca grower [Evo], on Saturday.

• The other political leaders were consulted later.

• Without a new date, 200,000 young people who turned 18 since October won’t be able to vote”



Far-right coup leader Fernando Camacho and his CREEMOS electoral alliance are also unhappy with the date and have formally rejected the Tribunal’s ruling, saying; “30 compatriots died yesterday [From Covid19] and the Electoral Tribunal and the old parties are talking about elections. The CREEMOS position: fight for the life and health of the people, elections when the pandemic is really controlled and when the machinery with which the MAS cheated us is dismantled”. Camacho is polling in 4th place with 7.1% of the vote. 



While some pro-coup groups have expressed their dissatisfaction, the MAS is backing the new date. The party’s Communications Secretary, Gualberto Arispe, told Kawsachun News today that “everyone who’s been calling for elections is a bit calmer now. This is what we wanted….the people are worried that if there aren’t elections then the government will continue stealing the state’s resources, the electoral authorities have listened to the demands of the Bolivian people.” 



There have been numerous protests by social movements across the country to demand democratic elections, while the regime has used Covid19 as an excuse to further delay elections and continue governing unelected. The most recent official poll, release before the lockdown and before the recent corruption scandals involving regime officials, place Añez in third place, and the MAS with a double-digit lead over any other rivals. 

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